Get a photographic artwork that can be a culture carrier in your organisation or organisation. Hence, a work of reference that will become part of your identity and stand as a symbol of the culture.

Or as a gallery or museum you can arrange an exhibition focusing on a theme or subject that you want to focus on. A theme that moves engages and asks questions.

A photographic decoration can help you to reach out broader with your work- and express the values and view of human nature that flows within your DNA.

Let us meet and have a talk about your thoughts and ideas.

The work process will be as following:

  • Initial meeting and the framework of the assignment
  • Research on the assignment and the subject matter
  • Preparation of the problem statement containing a draft for the content, form and structure, as well as the production
    process and the contractual basis.
  • Contract meeting and responsibility distribution
  • Determination of goal, purpose and target group
  • Production of the exhibition / installation / book
  •  Idea generation
  • Shootings
  • Processing of the material
  • Technical coordination
  • Implementation of the assignment


Minister of Social Affairs and the Interior, Astrid Krag, has decorated her office with some selected work from The Rootless.


‘The Rootless’ is a project about homeless people in Denmark, which is intended to further the understanding of the situation of the Danish homeless by focusing on their lives and living conditions through a nation exhibition in Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Århus, Ålborg, Odense and publishing of a book. See and read more about the project here.


‘Life Moments’, Diakonissestiftelsens 150 years anniversary exhibition

‘In connecting to the 150 year anniversary of Diakonissestiftelsen in 2012, we contacted Helga C. Theilgaard, because she is known for her honest portraits that contains great sensuousness and human understanding. But also because Helga works with large formats which functions well as an eye catcher, and it gives closeness and contact fore the people who stops to look at the pictures.’


‘Body of Desire’ came into being as a reaction to what I saw, and not at least because of the things I was not allowed to see. The bodies of prostitutes reflect our dreams and longings as well as our wishes for love, intimacy, lust and desire. The invisible shadows of the night are brought into light, if only for a brief moment. See more photographs and read about the project here.


Three hours of dreamy ambient electronic and violin music combined with photographs. All live in the beautiful Church of Our Lady – Copenhagen Cathedral.


Throughout two winters I lived at Christiansø where I have followed life and portrayed most of the islanders. The result is an extensive exhibition where a large number of islanders have been portrayed in a way that makes us feel as if we know them.
The exhibition opened at Bornholms Kunstmuseum and was subsequently on tour to Round Tower in Copenhagen and Nordic tour to Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Read and see more here.