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I use photography to empower, inspire and create dialog in our society.

By doing so, I try to affect and change our way of perceiving and how we perceive the world. I do this through the creation of authentic and personal portraits, stories and exhibitions for leading-edge clients; such as Minister for Social Affairs Astrid Krag, The Danish Government, The National Audit Office, Council for Socially Deprived, Danish Red Cross, and many more.

I also train and educate people in using and working with photography focusing on developing the use of the visual language through a personal perspective. I have worked with hundreds of participants through workshops, mentoring and lectures, where I enhance the ability to express your personal voice in your photograph and create a visual impression through your work.

It is a necessity for me to work with photography. To me, being a photographer means to participate as a human being in our society. Therefore, I use photography to explore life, to investigate reality and to create insights, contact and tell stories about it – whether you are a director or homeless person.

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‘…well executed and catchy pictures’

‘As chief communications officer it is of vital importance, that my visual identity helps me in my work setting the agenda and engaging customers and stakeholders.
Helga Theilgaard has achieved that goal by creating a series of personal, well executed and catchy pictures’
Peter Goll, Chief communications officer, Copenhagen Airport

‘…a true master of vivid portraits’

‘I chose Helga because she is a true master of vivid portraits. She turns a photo session into an enjoyable and relaxing experience where you never feel awkward. In addition, she has a remarkable ability to capture the very essence of your personality – and bring about ‘the real you’. The presence, the seriousness and the twinkle in one’s eye. I believe my portraits are visible proof of this, and I am extremely satisfied.’
Rikke Moos, Copywriter and Marketing Mentor

‘…the best investment’

‘I just want to say that the portrait you shot is the best investment I have made in this election (municipal election, 2017). So many people have reported back to me, telling me that it is a great picture.’
Torsten Hjort Hansen, Socialdemokratiet, Lejre Kommune

‘…in a very sober and solidary manner’

‘Helga is strong. She takes pictures of shabby, living people on the edge. In a very sober and solidary manner, she leads us into a world that most people are afraid to approach- or even see.’
Tom Gottfredsen, head director HK Statbladet

‘…insanely competent’

It’s surely 2 insanely competent, creative and dedicated persons, with an enormous passion for their trade. I’m inspired like never before and are looking forward to getting as much as possible of what I’ve learned put to good use in my own work, lifting it to a new level.
Winnie Synnia, photographer

‘…opened my eyes’

‘It was an excellent workshop, that really pushed and inspired me as a photographer. It has opened my eyes to new ways to tackle all the different challenges when doing portrait photography. The workshop was conducted in a very professional manner and with plenty room for questions and focus on individual challenges.’
Michael Thy, photographer

‘…massaged and nurtured your talent’

‘During a mentorship you’ll get your talent massaged and nurtured, find ways around personal blocks, expand your boundaries and get the tools you need to strengthen and develop yourself as a photographer. Helga is the consummate professional, a master of her trade, direct, brutally honest and have a love for photography that is as deep as it is contagious.’
Hanne Olsen, journalist