Follow Her Into the Dark
by Birgitte Ellemann Höegh, Berlingske

Follow Her Into the Dark

Visit Banja Rathnov’s galleri in Studiestræde, a gallery known for its long-standing, solid focus on art photography. Until the 2nd of July the gallery is exhibiting Helga Theilgaard’s series of photographs entitled “I’m here now”. For the past nine years Helga Theilgaard has been documenting her own personal experience of loss and grief, which she wants to universalise by opening a dialogue about what happens when life overpowers us.

Helga Theilgaard, who since childhood has felt closely connected to the natural surroundings of the Limfjord, was an apprentice to royal photographer Rigmor Mydtskov. The two contrasting influences are both incorporated in her photographs in the shape of forests and portraits. Her works are either black and white or in a limited range of subtle colours, the portraits either razor-sharp or out of focus and grainy, and the landscapes, which they are joined by, quiver. I need to walk into her darkness to find out if I feel overpowered too.

Birgitte Ellemann Höegh
Berlingske, 29-05-2022