Body of Desire

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Body of Desire

‘Body of Desire’ came into being as a reaction to what I saw, and not at least because of the things I was not allowed to see. The bodies of prostitutes reflect our dreams and longings as well as our wishes for love, intimacy, lust and desire. The invisible shadows of the night are brought into light, if only for a brief moment. 

The body is the tool of the prostitutes. Their bodies are commodities that we can treat or use any way we want.

The male and female prostitutes portrayed in this exhibition are between 23 and 58 years old. They work every day on the streets, at sex clubs, massage palours, escort agencies, through personal ads in the newspaper or online. The incentives for working as a prostitute range from sexual curiosity over earning money for the next fix to cover one’s own consumer spending.

There is a great reluctance to stand out among prostitutes due to public condemnation and stigmatization. ‘Body of Desire’ takes no position for or against prostitution, but the work is supposed to make the story come alive in the mind of the by-passer.

– Helga Theilgaard