I am driven by the desire to use photography to create dialog in our society. To create personal portraits and stories about being and existence. To make the visual information accessible to a wider audience by pasting large images in the public spaces. And to use photography as a tool for education in order to create further understanding of the power of images and the information that we see every day.

I believe that a photograph is meant to tell stories and create meaning. What matters the most is to make us feel, sense and discover. In my mind a photograph should tell the viewer something about the world from without and at the same time, something about the viewer’s world within. I create personal photographs that matters- both to you and to me. A sense of meaning to us both- from without and within.

I present photography with personal portraits and stories. A portrait is not only meant to be a photograph showing the physical appearance of a person. I believe that a portrait should show us more than that. My task as a photographer is to get behind the multiple masks that people wear everyday. I look for cracks and openings in the masks that we wear, as a way to access and enter the personal inner place of our true self as human beings.

I present photography in a personal and humanistic manner. I believe in arming people with the tools to further understand the images, the language and the information they see and use everyday, through interventions in public spaces, books, workshops and online interaction.


I am making pictures because it is a necessity. Being a photographer means to me to participate as a human being in our society. To me, the potential of photography is, in the first place, capable of posing a number of questions, that society does not manage to make them selves sufficiently. Meaning that with our photographs, we can create the necessary dialogue that can open up a broader understanding. The work in public spaces and the online platforms foster conversation and allows me to collaborate with professionals in a range of fields, emphasizing the variety of approaches in which a topic is represented whilst heightening impact, accessibility and accuracy within stories.

I am a photographer who has a strong sense for human stories and is driven by the desire to use the photograph to create dialog in our society.

It is essential to photograph people with a personal touch. In my view a portrait is not only meant to be pretty. It´s meant to make people feel, tell stories and connect.

Education is my priority; my aim is to pair my work with an educational program, conducted for professional photographers, companies, in schools and community groups.

I seek to influence and change our way of looking and understanding the world through my ability to create photographic work to affect and enlighten us as society and human beings.