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‘In connection with a photography course at Askov Højskole, we invited Helga Theilgaard to give one of her outstanding lectures. The fact that Helga’s background combines classic photography from her time with Rigmor Mydtskov with an alternative approach from Fatamorgana makes her a very knowledgeable and interesting lecturer. Helga’s engagement and inspiring style of speaking provided our course participants with a loving kick-off into the diversity of photography.’
Henrik Wichmann, Photographer and Course Manager, Askov Højskole

‘Helga Theilgaard’s lecture on fundraising was extremely good. She is very good at public speaking and I have wanted to learn about fundraising for a while. Helga knows a lot on this subject. I almost got too tired in my head due to all the important information I received from Helga on how to do fundraising and on how to apply for funds. Ultimately, I want to note that I have been more than satisfied with the lecture and the output I got is hard to find elsewhere’.
Ebbe Rosendahl, TV2 Danmark


’I’m here now’ examines how you stay rooted in the world when the world inside you and around you crumbles. It is a story about loss, about losing yourself and that which was before, and the attempt to regain a sense of rootedness in life.

The lecture looks at the complexities and opposites that come with being. It is about human nature: about hate, lust, love and powerlessness. A form of being in marked contrast with the ideals that we set up for our lives. The themes of the photographs circle about human relations, between absence and presence, isolation and contact, hope and despair that form parallels between past and present.


My work about homeless people in Denmark was a big challenge. Getting close to these people and gaining their trust was demanding, but once they were at the studio in front of the camera, and I was ready to do the portraits, I instinctively knew each of them and from which starting point I wanted to photograph them. I came to recognize parts of myself in the persons standing in front of me during the session, which was very special. Their vulnerability, the fear of being, but also their strength and coarseness.

The lecture is about standing face to face with people, who live covertly, and about my methods and experiences while creating this work, which is about looking homeless persons in the eye.


Who are the people who prostitute themselves on a daily basis? This lecture takes as its starting point my work process when photographing how the bodies of prostitutes reflect our dreams and longings and our wishes for love and intimacy, lust and desire. It is stories from the streets that tell of a number of reasons why the persons involved work as prostitutes as well as my thoughts and considerations about the subject.

It is possible to combine the two lectures on socially vulnerable people into one lecture.


This lecture is about photography as art – about the journey from having an idea to the finished work. The starting point is my many years of experience from creating my large-scale photographic works ‘The Island in the Sea’, ‘The Rootless’, ‘Body of Desire’, and the most recent ‘I’m her now.’

The lecture is a story about my own passion for the photograph, and for the participants, who often reflect me, but also about the artistic considerations that form the basis for the work process.


Come join me at this after-work meeting where I share my experiences from more than 10 years of working with fundraising and project development within the field of photography. I will guide you through the process and you will leave with knowledge about relevant foundations, collaborators and ideas about how to develop your photography project to gain financial support.


This lecture is about my experiences and thoughts during this project that brought me close to the islanders on Christiansø, and about how it felt to isolate myself from my own life during two winters to be the observer in a small community with only 100 inhabitants.

‘Like the painters who transformed familiar motives from Christiansø into general statements of the time they were created in almost a hundred years ago, Helga C. Theilgaard presents the different portraits and the story of the individual as an overall picture. Even though the individual story is still at the center, diversity universalizes the overall picture. A picture which tells us about the very unique and, at the same time, and maybe even more so, universally human condition which, no matter where we stay and live, can place us on the outer reefs.’

Museumsdirektør Lars Kjærulf Møller, Bornholms Kunstmuseum


‘Nothing doesn’t matter; otherwise you might as well just give up on everything.’
Photographer for Her Majesty the Queen, Rigmor Mydtskov.

In 1999, I began training with Rigmor Mydtskov as her last apprentice. She was 74 years old. In my lecture I tell about my years as her assistant, the daily routines and the many portrayals, where lighting and setting were essential. During those years, I found myself in a constant process of trials and education, not merely as a photographer, but also as a person.


The lecture takes its starting point in my work with the film about Henning Bendtsen, ‘The Word and the Light’, and my many conversations with him, who I personally regard as one of the best film photographers in the world. A photographer, who according to French film instructor, Truffaut, has ‘created the most beautiful white light, which has never been done more beautifully.’

‘There is only Dreyer for me. Nothing else counts.’

Film photographer Henning Bendtsen.

‘The Word and the Light’ is a portrait that focuses on Henning Bendtsen as a photographer and a person. He steps back into his old universe and relive the time filming Carl Th. Freyer’s ‘The Word.’ ‘The Word and the Light’ concentrates on the combination of technical ability combined with artistic expression. The film catches the soul behind the camera in Henning Bendtsen’s story about the passion of and the belief in his work.