Get your message across. Make demands on the pictures that represent you in public. Let them be more than stereotypical and superficial images.

As an organization, institution or company you probably supply high quality services to your members and customers. Does your visual identity reflect that or is it in need of a helping hand?

Typical signs of a neglected visual identity are:

  • A messy and chaotic use of pictures lacking a sense of consistent quality
  • Choice of style, expression and methods is handed over to random photographers
  • The same pictures are used repeatedly
  • You are too busy to do anything about it
  • You have almost given up on the development of a visual identity because it is too overwhelming

Does it sound familiar to you?

If so, it is time to strengthen your visual identity and transform it into a strong communication tool – a tool that expresses the same great quality services you supply to members and customers.

Make an impression with a strong visual identity – and attract more members and customers

Employees and your closest collaborators most likely know your corporate objectives and messages. What about potential customers and members? Do they know who you are and what you stand for?

With a coordinated visual concept, that communicates your messages clearly, professionally and in a present manner, potential customers and members will remember you.

However, strong and communicative pictures can do so much more for you:

• They create dialogue, integrity and trustworthiness
• Your communication tool box is expanded
• You exhibit seriousness
• The overall impression of the company or organization is markedly lifted
• Issues most important to you are rendered visible
• A unified and recognizable visual identity leaves a significant impression
• Your image bank will be updated with new pictures for talks, social media, press and website
• A well-defined visual concept will be time saving in the long run

CASE  1: ‘…has succeed in visualizing our set of values into beautiful mood images’

The National Audit Office, staff portraits and illustration of annual report

Assignment: To visually ‘dust off’ The National Audit Office and shoot portraits that inspired young auditors to apply for jobs.

• Opening meeting to set a frame for and define the purpose of the task
• Preparation of mood board and visual concept
• Presentation and approval of ideas
• Location research for staff portraits and annual report (landscapes)
• Photoshoots of location portraits and identity pictures
• Selection of pictures and recommendation on how to composite them
• Image processing and preparation for print and web
• Delivery of eight staff portraits and twenty-five pictures to illustrate the annual report.

‘The National Audit Office has been immensely satisfied with working with Helga Theilgaard over the years. She is top-professional and has succeeded in visualizing our set of values into beautiful mood images. She has perceived the culture of The National Audit Office and communicated it through landscape pictures that perfectly fits our visual identity. In addition, she has illustrated the relationship between the organization and the employees in a series of fantastic staff portraits. The National Audit Office recommends Helga Theilgaard as an extremely competent photographer and communicator.’

Lisbeth Sørensen, Public Relations Officer

CASE 2: ‘…leaves the reader with a strong impression’

Klagekomitéen for Etnisk Ligebehandling

Assignment: Drawing up a visual concept for the annual report

• Opening meeting to set a frame for and define the purpose of the task
• Preparation of mood board and visual concept
• Presentation and approval of ideas
• Location research
• Photoshoot of identity pictures
• Selection of pictures through collaboration and dialogue with the committee and a graphic designer
• Image processing and preparation for print and web
• Delivery of twenty-five pictures to illustrate the annual report

‘In connection with the drafting of the committee’s 2015 annual report we hired Helga to visually complement texts that described the task and work of the committee. Helga transformed a number of abstract concepts connected to discrimination issues into a precise language of images. The result was a consistent visual expression that doubtless leaves the reader with a strong impression’.

Eddie Omar Rosenberg Khawaja, Attorney/legal advisor

CASE 3: ‘Great respect and integrity for the individual resident’

Lindevangshjemmet – a social-psychiatric home

Assignment: Identity pictures for a new website and marketing.

Lindevangshjemmet wanted a visual and social profile to help sell the services offered and to communicate the stories of and work with the socially vulnerable residents. The photographs had to create dialogue as well as draw attention to and intensify the work of Lindevangshjemmet within the social field.
• Opening meeting and balancing of expectations
• Drawing up a project description and a cooperation agreement
• Research and development of ideas
• Preparation of visual concept and forward-looking strategy
• Photoshoots on specific dates over a 6 month stretch
• Continual selection of pictures and adjustment of the project
• Image processing of twenty-five identity pictures and thirty-five illustration pictures
• Preparation and delivery
• Evaluation and closure

‘When Helga has been at Lindevangshjemmet to photograph, she has managed very quickly to get into dialogue with residents and staff and to establish the confidence necessary for her photography and comings and goings in the house. Helga has explained what the project is about to the residents so the photography happened with great respect and integrity for the individual resident and Lindevang as a whole. We could not have wished for a better collaborator. Helga has demonstrated great commitment to and understanding for the assignment. The dialogue has been easy-going and enquiries and adjustments always met with immediate response.

Jette Stork, Acting Superintendent, Lindevanghjemmet

CASE 4: ‘…owns a natural authority and an eye for the aim’

Kunstgrebs-innovator, Innovation, KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Assignment: The ask consisted in developing an innovation project, which had as its aim to suggest solutions on how to involve students and employees in a change of culture that would boost the aesthetic study and learning environment at KEA. It included facilitating a series of processes and workshops, which took its starting point in Theory U, among students, the project group, teachers and the managerial staff.

‘Helga is an accomplished project manager. She owns a natural authority and has an eye for the aim in this project, which stretched over a period of three months. It is difficult to join an organization you have no knowledge of and create space to carry through projects known only to a few. However, with great communication skills and her professional skills, Helga combines the artistic and creative qualities with an understanding for planning, managing and implementation, which is characteristic for managers and consultants in postmodern organizations.

Michael Holmstrøm, Director of Studies, KEA

CASE 5: ‘Great artistic insight – and has the courage to use it’

Kunstgreb-innovator, Innovation, Nokia

The assignment: The assignment in Nokia Denmark consisted of defining Nokia’s dream for the future and suggesting solutions to develop further the sense of a shared identity among the employees. The result was a concrete definition of three priority areas, which could enhance the sense of community and identity in the future, as well as suggestions on how to implement the new processes and ways of working.

‘To be responsible for innovation projects with a very diverse group of participants, calls for a lot of patience and focusing on the quality, planning and implementation of the tasks. Helga is capable of keeping cool and work unceasingly for the sake of the project and for Nokia. Helga has always been ready to go the extra mile when needed.’
Characteristics for Helga and the work she does:
• Professionalism
• Excellent communication skills
• Capable of providing leadership
• Great artistic insight – and has the courage to use it
• Great expertise and a quick learner
• Flexible, creative and open-minded’

Ole Eriksen, Senior Manager, Nokia Danmark A/S